(Note: while the killer is never mentioned by name, I would urge you to read or have read Mrs. McGinty’s Dead before tackling this post. You have been warned!) In her biography about Agatha Christie, Laura Thompson writes,  “It is a paradox, although perhaps not a surprise, that Agatha’s popularity should have increased as her powers declined. … Continue reading GENDER REVEAL PARTY: Mrs. McGinty’s Dead


With much fanfare and no little trepidation on the part of Agatha Christie purists, a collection of brand-new stories featuring Miss Jane Marple, the world-famous octogenarian sleuth, has arrived at many doorsteps this week. The book is called Marple. That’s it – Marple. Not Miss Marple or The New Adventures of Miss Marple . . . just Marple. Seems a bit cheeky … Continue reading MARPLE