A HUNDRED YEARS OF CHRISTIE: Entr’acte at the Vicarage

Hello, fellow Christie fans! I’m busy working on the next but last chapter of my celebration of the Christie centenary, decade by decade. I need a little more time with the “aughts,” so I thought I would distract you with a very good time I recently had talking with Moira (Clothes in Books) and Jim (The Invisible Event) about The Murder at the Vicarage. Jim does so many wonderful podcasts, and I’m lucky enough to get to participate in a few of them. And now it seems that we have come upon the best triumvirate to discuss the books.

So settle back and let us (hopefully) regale you as the Partners in Crime talk about the first Miss Marple novel, today celebrating its 90th birthday! You can listen to the podcast here.

And if by chance you missed our first get-together in July when we analyzed The Mysterious Affair at Styles, you can find the link here. I’m already looking forward to getting together for our next Christie in January. (If you want a hand in selecting that title, be sure you vote for one of the three options over at Jim’s place.)

See you very soon with thoughts on Christie – 2000-2009!

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