PODCAST MANIA: We Gave a Party and She Wasn’t There!

In what is quickly becoming my favorite two hours every few months, Moira and I have guested on JJ’s In GAD We Trust podcast, “Spoiler Alert” edition for the fifth in what I hope will be an ongoing series for the next twenty or so years as we cover Agatha Christie’s canon in spoilerific detail!

Last time the fur flew – as much as anything can fly on Zoom – as we argued over the merits of Cards on the Table. This time, we’re jumping ahead to 1950 for A Murder Is Announced, and we’re pretty much agreed on several things:

  1. In terms of character, clueing and social history, this is top-drawer Christie, arguably the best of the dozen novels featuring Miss Marple.
  2. In terms of murder plot, this one is simply bananas!!!! (And may I just say here that, while English people have some really crazy ways of skewing the pronunciation of words (“Let me check my SHEDDULE with my SECRETREE, and then I’ll meet you in the GAHruge.”) nobody can say the word “bananas” like the Brits! Check it out!
  3. In terms of . . . . . you know what? Stop reading and start listening here. Then join the discussion over at JJ’s place.

Be sure and join us in October when we tackle my favorite Poirot of them all: After the Funeral

And please take note at the end of the podcast where JJ talks about creating a poll for next year’s books! That means he wants to keep going! Let’s hold him to it!!!

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