IT’S PODCAST TIME AGAIN: After the Funeral

Over six years of blogging, I have written dozens of times about my favorite Poirot novel, After the Funeral, perhaps most specifically here. I always enjoy wax flowers, er, waxing over the intrinsic joys of the Abernethie clan, the brilliant fakeout, and the fabulous murderer/motive that wraps up this late, great entry in the Christie canon.

What’s even more fun is to talk about it with two special friends. My pal JJ’s quarterly invitation to Moira (Clothes in Books) and me to come to The Invisible Event and have a spoiler-filled discussion are high points of my year. Do we argue? Yes, of course because JJ is so very frequently wrong! Mostly, though, we get to stare at each other on Zoom and laugh and talk about our dear Dame Agatha.

So, please! Hie on over to JJ’s place here and give this one a listen. We’d love to hear your thoughts about such topics as: can we be fooled by a person in disguise? Is there anyone better than Agatha Christie at handling verbal clues? When is forensic evidence important for an author to provide?

And then – most importantly – please cast your votes for the next three titles we get to chat about. Moira, Jim and I each got to contribute three titles to the list, and it’s a good one. Listen to Jim talk about the far off future when we’ve run out of good Christies to talk about and are begging you all to come listen to us gab about Passenger to Frankfurt. Then read his pathetic plea for you to not vote for Death on the Nile.

C’mon JJ, you know we’re going to discuss it . . . sometime . . .

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