ELLERY QUEEN: The Adventure of the Dubious Pollster

If you’ve been following along with me this past six weeks – or even if you haven’t – you’ve received my take on the twenty-three episodes (including the pilot) of the all-too short-lived mystery series, Ellery Queen. Now it’s your chance to be a part of history in the first (and probably only) fan poll to decide which of these adventures is the best adventure.

I’m going to put up this poll for ten days, which I think is enough time for the six or so of you to participate. On the list below, you may cast your vote for your FOUR favorite episodes, and we will see how things shake out when I announce the results.

Feel free to share this post with the hundred or so of your friends with whom you often discuss this late, lamented series. I can’t wait to share the results!

“I think I know who voted. Did you? Let’s see if you were right . . . “

9 thoughts on “ELLERY QUEEN: The Adventure of the Dubious Pollster

    • My trainer explained that WordPress used to allow you to name exactly how many votes one could cast but has ceased that practice because . . . let’s face it – because the practice made too much sense. Now I am allowed to press one of two buttons: allow a viewer to make only one vote from their computer, or randomize the order of the episodes. For obvious reasons, I picked neither one, but I cannot find a single place where I can say, “Let them vote four times, you idiot!”

      My suggestion to you (and everyone else who really cares) is: can you go back in and vote again? If so, do this four times to cast your votes. (Treading into “elephant in the room” territory: one could obviously vote for all the episodes that way or for the same episode a dozen times. Judging by how people feel about election integrity these days, who am I to do anything more than plead for folks to vote fairly.

      Try going in again and voting for a separate episode and let me know if that works.

      Sorry for all the world’s technology.


  1. Brad – I voted four times by refreshing the web page after each vote. I look forward to the results. Thank you.

    Last evening I re-watched Judas Tree as I could not remember who did the murder (turns out there was a good reason for that) but still an enjoyable episode if not one of the best ones.


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